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My name is Kaisha Dessalines-Wright, I come from the United Kingdom and I am a porter, acrobat and aerialist studying at the National Circus School. I grew up on a farm in the South West of England where I quickly fulfilled my desire to move with acrobatic gymnastics. From the age of 3, I competed nationally and internationally, ending my career winning gold at the UK Championships in 2016, while studying dance and performing arts from 2014 -- 2016 . When I was 18, I moved to London to study at the National Centre for Circus Arts (Circus Space), and graduated with a diploma in hand-to-hand and dance trapeze in 2019.

During my studies in London, I acquired professional experience with various and varied jobs and performances on weekends, cabarets, or even a performance for Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2019, with Mimbre Acrobats, company of all-female London circus. Since August 2019, I am currently continuing my training in Montreal, specializing in Hand to Hand and having trapeze-dance as a second discipline, with so far performances for small circus companies, for Cirque Eloize or in contexts such as Festival Completement Cirque de Montreal summer 2021. My goals and aspirations after graduation are to join as many circus companies as possible and gain as many experiences as possible. I like to travel, meet people from different cultures, share my tastes for circus art but for all kinds of art in general, music, singing. I want to evolve in this world and this culture of sharing knowledge and pleasures.

Photo by Matt Husseey
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Watch our latest Hand to Hand performances here.

December Presentation 2021

Épreuve Synthèse 2022

Technical Requirements

Photography: Ray Azura

Watch my latest dance trapeze project here.

Technical Requirements



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Dior Spring/Summer Haute Couture Show 2019

Photos by Isabella Grosse. 

Hand to Hand

Dance Trapeze

Photoshoots by Ray Azaria & Chloe Demos/Nathan Stechi

Photography by Paul Collins/Meghan O'Neill


Photography by Francisco Cruz



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